Photo Toolbox Ltd has today launched the world's first dedicated photo licensing software, LicensePro, that is designed to make the process of photo licensing simpler for professional photographers and their clients.

"I spent weeks trying to find a suitable tool online and eventually came to the realisation that I needed to build one myself," explains photographer Derek Morrison.

Partnering with developer Blair Hughson, who is the co-founder of Photo Toolbox Ltd, they set about designing the company's first tool, LicensePro, two years ago. The development cycle was sped up when their project was awarded a cash injection from Chorus, New Zealand's largest telecommunications infrastructure company, as part of Dunedin's Gigatown win.

"That capital gave us the ability to build and test LicensePro," explains Hughson. "It brought the whole project to launch phase - with a fair bit of sweat and late night toil alongside it."

Hughson said that being based in Dunedin was a distinct advantage as the city's tech ecosystem flourished.

Endorsed by leading professional photography organisation, the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association (AIPA), LicensePro aims to reduce the time it takes to license professional photography while ensuring the process is transparent for clients.

"Photo licensing is the best business practise for professional photographers, but done manually it can be a source of confusion for both parties," offers AIPA executive director Aaron K. "LicensePro solves that by making it simple, quick and clear for everyone involved."

Aaron K said LicensePro also meant newcomers to professional photography could start from day one with the best business practises around photo licensing.

"And that's good for everyone in the professional photography industry because it ensures we have a stronger, healthier industry."

Morrison said his clients preferred the new system, which was based completely online, because they knew exactly where and how they could use images and were notified as the expiry date drew closer.

LicensePro is the first tool in a suite of products currently in development, which are all aimed at streamlining the business side of professional photography and creative asset management.

"Most photographers cringe at the business side - I know because I cringe myself," laughs Morrison. "But if we can simplify that and automate it with best business practise and a mobile phone, then it doesn't have to be so distasteful. If we get our tools right then we should be able to do for the photography industry, what Xero has done for small business accounting. That's our goal."

LicensePro is a software as a service subscription model that is constantly developed and enhanced by the team at Photo Toolbox Ltd. Photographers can explore LicensePro for 30 days by signing up for the free trial at