The AIPA Code of Conduct is a guide for ethical business dealings, protecting the profession, the photographer, vendors, employees, subjects, clients and colleagues. All AIPA members (including students and assistants) are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Members undertake to:

  • Make themselves familiar with relevant laws and regulations applicable in the country where business is conducted;
  • Refrain from any practice that might violate those laws including conspiring to fix prices, organising illegal boycotts or engaging in unfair or uncompetitive practices;
  • Strive to operate according to the highest professional standards and exercise appropriate confidentiality, responsibility, integrity and honest conduct in all activities;
  • Not misrepresent their professional qualifications or merits, nor unfairly criticize those of others;
  • Treat peers, clients and those under their authority with dignity and to respect their interests and objectives;
  • Support the retention of copyright in photographs by photographers and strive to promote understanding of the Copyright Act alongside usage rights and licences;
  • Use and abide by AIPA Terms & Conditions and Licence Agreements wherever possible and appropriate;
  • Support the AIPA in its efforts to advance and empower professional advertising and illustrative photographers individually and collectively.
The AIPA executive has the power, after consultation, mediation and/or arbitration, to cancel AIPA membership should non-compliance with any of the above be deemed to bring the photography profession or Association into disrepute.